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Our latest CD album, Barberella's Barbershop, is out now! it is available to order now from the Western Star shop.


Delta 88 released Rocket Powered in 2017 with Western Star Records, followed by Firefly in 2019. Rocket Powered is now sold out but the firefly CD is available to purchase from the Western Star shop . We also have a 7-inch vinyl EP called Rockabilly Tales, and a limited edition 10-inch vinyl EP called Bad & Beautiful. All our releases can be purchased from Western Star.

If you would like to buy a CD signed by the band or a t-shirt (£12 including UK postage), please email us at and we will be happy to arrange this.

Follow the links at the top of the page to hear our tracks on Spotify or You Tube.

"the band's sound has a distinctive undercurrent of primitive early 50's rockin' beats which is fused effortlessly with a more contemporary edge to create an immensely catchy and hugely danceable sound

UK Rock & Roll Magazine

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